Produced in deepest East Yorkshire,UK, melting jangle pop/rock with folk and orchestral elements, Stuart writes and performs some of the catchiest tunes around often combined with historical and Yorkshire born lyrics.

Here’s a few reviews….

““Why Did She Leave has a highly catchy beat that I would listen to over and over again. It definitely has a build up which I enjoy and it’s overall “trippy.” He has a way of speaking his words that it relaxes me to an extent. The guitar is chill as well.””
— Soundout Review
“I Lie Bleeding is a masterpiece”
— Tom Hedrick
“The music certainly sets the mood, if you know what I mean. The vocals are astounding, his voice is truly a gift. I can sense the emotions and sense time slowing down along with his voice. The clarity is great, catchy tune, good lyrics. This is a great song.””
— Soundout Review 
“Very catchy pop songs. Reminds me of The Cars,The Thompson Twins etc. combined with an amazing voice. Kudos to you Sir.”
— Saint of the Echo